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Joe's Farm Game Review

Posted in Game Reviews on May 25th, 2008 09:51 AM

Joe's Farm

Joe's Farm is an intense mix of goofy graphics and shooting skill. Your Joe and apparantly you hate sheep. Could be your second cousins sheep affection problem, who knows. At any rate you seem to be out to kill all the crazy-eyed sheep you can. If you hit several in a row your maddness level goes up, the screen gets spattered with sheep blood, and you score more points. Continue with 100% accuracy and this continues to go up. Just one missed shot however and you are back to square one, you madness level at 0 and low scores. So whatever you do... DON'T MISS!

Although there are no levels in this game ,only a timer, your madness level

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Crazy Gravitron Review

Posted in Game Reviews on May 09th, 2008 11:21 PM

Crazy Graviton

Crazy Gravitron is a fast paced combination of puzzle and action. Crazy Graviton is a mixture of pinball, pong and brickshooter! It's settled in a futuristic and scientific storyline, packed with mind blowing action and eyecandy graphics.
The Crazy Graviton is a cool future molecular laboratory environment built for nanomedical science & engineering research. During the last experiment the laboratory got polluted by fiendish Nanoparticles by accident! The particles rendered the Graviton useless!
Your mission is to hunt down as much Nanoparticles as possible in a given Timeframe and destroy them to make the Crazy Graviton work ag

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Pirate Vs. Ninja Review

Posted in Game Reviews on May 07th, 2008 01:00 AM

Pirate Vs. Ninja is a game where you take turns being a ninja and killing pirates and then being a pirate and killing ninjas. The game and its premise is a little goofy, but still fun to play. I found it fun running around killing pirates. Then I had to be the pirate and lost the double jump of the ninja character, it was much harder.

The controls are easy enough, and the game played fairly fast without any bugs. Although when I played in full screen I saw what appeared to be leftover flash elements on the left side of the screen. Maybe it's just a bug.

The game was simple and the graphics where a bit to simple for large screen play. I am only going to leave this o

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